Sunday, November 23, 2008

Some queries

How does your religion enslave you? Others?

How does it set you free? Set others free?

Which do you think it was designed to do?

Which do you want it to do?



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Tom said...

Love is un-designed,

Love remains unaffected by the twistings and definings and constrictings of humankind...

can that be my religion then?

"Plan A", yes?

Plan B- this is 'religion', no?

is Plan B a birthright? a curse? a happenstance of evolution?

why do I design my meeting with you? why do I feel this need to measure what transpires when the two or many of us are together, and then publish those measurements in some sort of ordained journal and call that "meaningful"?

Love goes un-designed...

can I just BE, with this?